Propagation Research Associates (PRA) is a small company with a highlymotivated and innovative staff consisting of physicists, mathematicians,and electrical engineers. The company was established to developsolutions to today's problems in the defense and commercial sectors andhas been successful due to its highly capable and flexible staff. At PRA,we focus on research, design, and developmentof algorithms and devices for improving signal propagation performance andcapabilities for RF, infrared, and optical sensors.

PRA develops cutting edge technologies for the U.S. Government andprivate industry. This research is conducted primarily through the SmallBusiness Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

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Specialty Areas

Atmospheric Measurements, Modeling, and Applications
PRA is developing a system that measures distortions on signals of opportunity and inverts these measurements to determine the state of the atmosphere that caused the distortions. This technology is being developed for the mitigation of radar propagation errors that occur at low elevation operations. This system will enable radars to detect and track targets at longer range. The system involves solving the stochastic wave equation using real-time estimates of the atmospheric media.
Precision Positioning and Orientation Technology
PRA is developing technologies for the generation of coded fields that enable compatible receivers to determine their own location and orientation and that of their targets. This technology is being developed for guiding smart munitions, significantly reducing the cost of achieving intercept for low-cost proliferated threats. In addition, this technology is being used to track participants in immersive training simulators.
Adaptive Interference Cancellation
PRA is developing an innovative approach to adaptively cancel strong interference. This unique process can be used to mitigate various interference sources including noise jamming, RF interference, and discrete and distributed clutter.