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Maximizing Your Energy For Optimal Performance 

Stretching The Mind, Enhancing & Restoring the Body's Capabilities, Inspiring The Spirit.


Expect a refreshing, whole approach to your well being and living. PathEight offers:

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork to enhance the functioning & energy of your Body.

* Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils  to compliment health & healing of your Body & Spirit.

* Workshops, Coaching, Personal/Professional Development  to grow your Mind.


Your unique circumstances are taken into consideration when reviewing needs, including what's going on within and around you; how you think, feel, and what you do/don't do.  An integrative approach helps to identify and connect source & surface matters. Ultimately, considering your whole self to support you being at your best where and when you need it: in the meeting room, in relationships, at the race/game, in keeping pace with kids....in Life.

Curious?  Please explore here or contact me to discuss how PathEight can make a difference for you.  

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The intent of my practice is to bring about health, healing, and happiness by engaging you in & informing you about "holistic well-being".  Meaning, take a whole & holistic perspective in how you approach what you are looking to attain.... be it with your body, career, outlook, relationships, family, ....your life. 


I combine my experience as a holistic health practitioner and 19+ years as an accomplished business women to offer you the opportunity to:


Experience  a professional who listens to your aspirations and concerns to help you create a plan for success - be it for your body or personal/professional development. For example, a custom therapeutic massage integrating practices of Asian, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Isolated Muscle Stretch, Trigger Point, Acupressure, Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils.  Further services offered to stretch your Mind & Spirit with Personal and Professional Coaching, as well as Individual and Group Learning & Development sessions.


Maximize  your energy for achieving optimal performance.  Inspire those neurons to fire up or relax.  Massage stimulates physiological and psychological processes resulting in positive outcomes. Bring greater connection between your mind, spirit and your capabilities. Broaden your perspectives to capture opportunities and live mindfully.  


Enhance  healing time, immune system, muscle/body function, stress & trauma recovery, digestion, sleep, removal of toxins, reduction of pain, personal & professional goal attainment, learning, general well being and more!

Because..... Your Worth It.  Don't choose to "live with" disharmony or settle for less than your ambitions. 

Contact me  -  let's get more of what you want and less of what you don't want in your life...at work, home

and everywhere in-between.


About Me

Cathy Marshall is an accomplished business women, holistic health practitioner and happy Mom.


During 16+ years in executive Human Resources roles within both the public and private sector, Cathy observed how stress, complex situations and relationships, competing/conflicting priorities, change/transitions, as well as the pursuit for work/life integration impacted an individuals' performance, productivity and well being.... at work, home and everywhere in between. And thus, limiting an individuals', organizations and/or groups success. Through her education and exploration, Cathy learned that an individuals Body, Mind, and Spirit each require attention and development to maximize energy and achieve optimal performance.


Cathy has a BA in Business Administration from Adelphi University, a M.S.  in Organization Behavior from the University of Hartford, and a AAS in Holistic Health and Therapeutic Massage & Bodwork from the New York College of Health Professions.  Cathy is both a NY State and Nationally Certified Massage Theraperist/Bodywork Professional.  Additionally, she has held board positions for the LI Chapter of SHRM, Graduate Adjunct Professor for St. Joseph's College,  speaking engagements at career fairs and schools, and has volunteered with The Bottomless Closet and CAPS of Long Island (Child Abuse Prevention Services). Currently, she is volunteering with The Horse's Touch, Inc. in Hinesburg, Vermont.

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