Winter Firewood Storage

Shipping containers make excellent storage facilities for firewood, especially in Pennsylvania.  As old man winter is beginning to creep into the North Eastern part of the United States and new talk of a solar vortex chills our bones, there’s a lot of comfort to the thought of a warm fireplace and nice glass of Dad’s Hat whiskey.  However, the drifting snow, freezing rain, and homeless mice coming in from the fields have different ideas for your firewood.

Moving a Shipping Container

Moving a shipping container isn't a challenging task, if you've got a forklift or crane on site; but what about the times when where's no lift or crane anywhere near the site? It could be a residential property, or some remote farm where it's just not practical to have one on site. Well, a container transporter in Denver, Colorado figured out a simple solution to this problem. He just use his tilt bed truck, a little ingenuity, and some spare parts that he had in the back of his truck.