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If you’ve been shopping for a warehousing and distribution specialist in Memphis, stop shopping and start shipping with Patterson Warehouses. We make it easy to outsource all your warehousing and distribution services.

Need improved capabilities to eliminate expensive compliance chargebacks?
Start shipping using our full suite of service options and WMS features.

Need help in the battle to reduce transportation costs ?
Start shipping and take advantage of our central location and dollar-saving consolidation programs.

Need better inventory management to reduce back orders and lost sales?
Start shipping with a 3PL that you can trust to treat your inventory just like their own.

Need a 3PL that can handle significant volume?
Start shipping with a major provider boasting more than 2 million square feet in 6 facilities.

For over 150 years, Patterson Warehouses has been specializing in third-party warehousing and distribution services. That’s longer than any other 3PL provider in the entire Southeast. Simply put, our employees have become experts in this complex component of the supply chain because that’s all we do – focus daily on the distribution needs of our clients.  We support a diverse and unique mix of customers which includes import to retail manufacturers, food and beverage producers, raw materials suppliers, web fulfillment resellers and many others. All have found that Memphis and Patterson Warehouses can be the perfect fit when optimizing any supply chain strategy.

With 6 facilities comprising over 2 million square feet, Patterson can deliver the space, staff, services, and expertise to overcome any distribution challenge. Contact us today to find out even more about our company, our people, and our commitment to success for all our customers.

Stop shopping and let our team take your shipping worries away.